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"They may forget what you said, but they will not forget how you made them feel."
-Carol Buechner

     My name is Mrs. Catanzaro and I have been teaching in the Garfield Public Preschool for 20 years. I have a Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education and love to teach preschool children!! My two assistants Mrs. Griffin and Mrs. Agnes also have experience working in the preschool.
This is going to be a very different year, but we will work together to provide the best education for your child. Communication is the key to make this work. A parent/teacher relationship is important!!

Please be sure to check my lesson plans daily and refer to my Daily Schedule. You only need to sign on to TEAMS during Live Instruction. An invitation will be sent to you for each time block. Please note that there will be different groups for small group instruction. Therefore, your child will not be expected to be on the entire time. 

Please click on the lesson plans for the week below:
June 7-11 Lesson Plans.pdf

 Catanzaro’s Daily Virtual Schedule

8:30-9:00 Morning Meeting

Live Instruction on TEAMS

9:00-9:30 Special Activity- Art/Writing/Gross Motor/Fine Motor/Science

Independent Work

9:45-11:30 Small Group

Live Instruction on TEAMS (a time will be allotted for your child)

11:45-12:15 Character Education

Live Instruction/
Independent Work


12:15-12:30 Goodbye Meeting

Live Instruction

12:30-1:00 Ready Rosie

Family Activities/Independent Work