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Mr. Monaco. 
assignment for September 14th 3rd- 5th grade.   You will be keeping a daily exercise log.  write down all exercise or physical activity that you do for that day and write down how long you did it for.  An example  would be;  Bike ride-  15 minutes,  soccer- 10 minutes,  jumping rope - 2 min.  Do that for Monday- Sunday and sent it to me in teams.  Any questions just let me know. 

September 14th, 2020-  Kindergarten- 2nd grade Assignment is to watch the two videos and follow along with the exercises;


 and the 2nd video is 


Highlight the link and 
Copy and paste into your browser
June 19th,  Last Day of School-  No field day events today.  Have a great summer, stay safe and healthy.  See you in September.
June 18th,  Field Day Events- Day 6.  Enjoy your activities.  You may pick 2 of the 3 events to do.   
Event 11. Day 6; Clothes Relay
Event 12. Day 6; Fast Fold
Event #13 .Day 6;  Fan War

June 17th- Field day events, Day 5:
Event #9-Milk Jug Relay
Event #10-Spoon Relay

June 16th- Field day events, Day 4:
Penguin Race:  Event #7-Click below:
Looking for Good;  Event #8 Click below:

June 15th;  Field Day Events, Day 3:
Click Below for Event #4.  Paper Plane Corn Hole

Click Below for Event #5.  Sock-er Skee Ball

June 12;  Field Day Events, Day 2:
Click Below for Event #3. Backboard Bank It:

Click Below for Event#4 Climb the Ladder:

June 11:  Field Day Events start today,

Good Morning:  Below are the links for your field day events.  When you click on the link you will see a demonstration and get directions on what to do.   Grab a pencil and piece of paper to keep track of your events and score for each one.  I will be sending you two different links each day.  It is your job to keep score of your results.  Have fun with the activities!.  

Event1: BowlBall.Clickbelow:

Event2: WaterBottleTap.Clickbelow:
June 10th- Wednesday.
Good Morning everyone.  We are coming to the home stretch!  Today will be the last workout video.  Starting tomorrow I will be sending out a link for Field Day activities that you can have fun doing.  You may grab a pencil and paper and keep score of how you do with the activities.  Look for more information tomorrow.  For today, click on the link below and enjoy the workout.
Monday, June 8th- I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Below is the link for a exercise video.  Click on the link below and follow along with the video link;

Friday, June 5th-    Good morning.  Next week I will be sending out information on some fun field day activities that could be done for an end of the school year event.   You will be receiving activity links that can be done in the home and a score sheet to keep track of how well they are doing.  It should be fun activities for everyone.  You will get more info sometime next week.  For your exercises today, you should be doing 10 repetitions and 2 sets of the following:   10 jumping jacks, sit ups, squats, arm circles,  frog jumps, push ups (the best you can).   have a great weekend

Wednesday, June 3rd-  Good morning.  The link below will take you to your next workout routine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6u9dtrZ_cxs.  work hard and enjoy.
Monday, June 1st- I hope everyone is doing well.  Below is your assignment for Monday and Tuesday.  Try your best and work hard.

Activity Directions:  

 Below you have two options.  You can follow the exercise routine below, or you can click on the link and use that.  Pick one or the other and if you are feeling strong, try both.


Do each exercise for 30 seconds in this order.  1. Jumping Jacks, 2. Frog Jumps 3. Kangaroo hops 4. Toe Raises 5. Arm circles 6.  Jumping of 1 foot 7. Jumping off the opposite foot 8. Take a two -minute rest.  9.  Repeat steps 1 thru 8.   After completing all the steps, you will repeat and go thru the exercises again. After completing the steps 1 thru 8 a second time you have finished the assignment.  Take 5 minutes to cool down and stretch your legs.   


Friday, May 29th-  Continue your workout from yesterday.  If you finished you should do it again today.
 15 minutes of activity everyday.  Enjoy your weekend.
Thus, May, 28th-  Good morning.  Below is a K-2 link for today and tomorrow.  Hopefully you enjoy the exercise video.  Try your best and have a great day!

Activity Directions: Mr. Monaco’s Instructions:  Click below



Tuesday, May 26th-  I hope everyone had a great weekend.  I attached the link for the K-2 workout.  
this workout is for Tuesday and Wednesday.  You will receive a new one on Thursday.  Have a great day.  Workout for Grades 3-5 is on Class Dojo.

Friday,  May 22nd-   Todays workout is simple.  15 jumping jacks, 10 push ups, 10 sit. ups, 10 squats.  If it is nice outside,  go outside and be active for 15 minutes.  Have a great Memorial Day Weekend.
Weds. May 2oth-  I hope you are all doing well.  My K-2 link for today and tomorrow is here:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_oIssULEk0&t=134s.  All other post are on Class DoJo.

Tuesday, May 19th-  Continue with yesterdays link.  Tomorrow you will receive a new link for your next assignment.  Have a great day, stay safe and enjoy the nice weather.
Monday, May 18th-  I hope. everyone had a great weekend.  As always, the assignment is on class Dojo but if you do not have Dojo here it is.  For grades k-2 please click the links below for your activity.


For Grades 3-5 click below.



Friday, May 15th,  Happy Friday- Your assignment for today is to complete your video exercise routine and hopefully you can get outside to do some exercise and playing.  15minutes of play is good for you so try to get outside and enjoy the nice weather.  Stay safe and have a great weekend.

Thurs. May 14th,  Continue to stay fit.  Keep exercising!  Go outside, enjoy the nice weather and do some walking, running, or playing.  Also, keep up with your exercise links. Have a great day.

Wed, May 13th,  Hope you all are getting stronger and more fit. Class DoJo has a workout for you to complete.  The routine is for today and tomorrow.  Do your best.
Tues, May 12th,  Finish workout from yesterday.  You will be getting a new workout tomorrow. 
Monday, May 11th-  Hopefully everyone is healthy and getting stronger and more fit.  Today you have a new lesson posted on Class DoJo.   Please follow the instructions and try your best.  You will be getting a different exercise routine for Wednesday.  Do your best.

Wed, May 6th-  Today's workout is listed on Class Dojo.  Please click on the link and do your best.  It should be a very fun workout.  Do your best and enjoy.

Monday, May 4th- Hopefully you all had a great weekend. I linked a workout lesson on class Dojo for everyone.  Do your best to complete the entire workout.  Here is the link if you need it here.

Mr. Monaco’s instructions…..click below



Pilates/Yoga video…. Click link



Friday, May 1st-  Check class DoJo.  You are to complete your workout if you have not done so.  I will send you two new lessons for next week. Get out and exercise this weekend, it will be nice weather.  Exercise 15-20 minutes each day if you can.  Have a great weekend.

Thursday, April 30th-  Continue with your workout link from Wednesday.  It is posted on class Dojo. Stay consistent with your workouts, if you do, they will get easier.

Wednesday, April29th-  Good Morning.  The Link for todays lesson will be posted on class-Dojo. Enjoy the second workout of the week and the joke of the day.

Tuesday, April 28th-  Hello Everyone,  complete the fitness workout from Monday.  Your new workout will be posted tomorrow.  Enjoy the sunshine.

Monday, April 27th- Hope you all had a great weekend.  This week you will be working on a fitness routine.  Please do your best.  This week I will be sending out 2 workouts (one today, one Wednesday)  You can do them everyday or on your gym days. They are not to difficult but will be challenging.  Have fun.

Friday, April 24th- Happy Friday!  I hope everyone had a great week.  Next weeks assignment should be enjoyable.  Try to get at least 15-30 min of exercise daily.  Keep working hard and have a great weekend.  
Thurs. April 23rd-  Everyone is doing great.  Keep up with the Yoga this week.  Next week will be kid workout videos for everyone to follow. It should be lots of fun.  Continue to exercise and eat healthy.  Stay Safe.

Monday, April 20th,  Hope you all had a safe and happy spring break.   Class Dojo will have a lesson plan and a link for you to watch.  Hope you enjoy it and work hard at it.

Thursday, April 9th-  NO HOMEWORK.  Enjoy spring break.  Stay healthy and safe.

Weds., April 8th-  Easter is coming. How about 25 Bunny hops  in honor of the Easter bunny.  Continue your circuit and exercises.  Have a great day.  Easy on the chocolate!

Tues, April 7th- Another beautiful day.  Your homework for the rest of the week is to enjoy any sunshine you get, go outside and exercise for 20 minutes a day.  If you cannot go outside continue with your circuit exercises inside. Everyday is a new opportunity.

Monday, April 6th-  Good Morning.  I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.  Enjoy the sunshine today and get outside to exercise in a safe way if possible.  If you cannot get outside today you can always workout inside.  Scroll down to March 23rd and see if you can repeat the circuit.  Stay Inspired!!

Friday, April 3rd. This is it! Last day of the challenge. You are getting stronger everyday. Conquer your goal, defeat the challenge. Be proud of your accomplishment. Find something everyday to challenge yourself with.  Have a great weekend and I will give you more challenges next week.

Thurs, April 2nd-  Wow, Congrats to all who continue to win the challenge. Two more days and you reached your goal.  Keep winning. Keep working. Keep challenging yourself.  Good Luck today! You can do it.

Weds., April 1st-  Way to go! you made it through 2 days of the challenge. Time to make it more difficult. Lets do 100 sit ups today.. April fools!.  Didn't mean to scare you.  Keep up with the challenge. You should be doing 17 sit ups morning, noon, and night. Keep up the good work.

Tues, March. 31st-  Did you make it thru day 1 of the challenge.? Hopefully you did.  If not, try again today. If you made it through day one, Great Job and good luck today. 

Monday, Mar. 30th- Monday is stomach day (abdominals).  Work your stomach muscles with 15 sit ups in the morning, 15 in the afternoon and 15 at night.  That is 45 sit-ups today.  

Friday, Mar. 27th-  Same as Thursday's assignment.  Have a great and safe weekend.

Thurs, Mar. 26th-  This assignments for today and Friday.  You should be following plans on RLLP.  If for some reason you cannot, then use these plans.   Refer to Wednesday, 3/18 assignment listed below.

Wed., March, 25th-  Continue with your circuit and Tuesdays assignment.  Stay active as much as possible.  Exercise will help your mind, body and spirits stay positive and healthy.    

Tues, Mar. 24th- Repeat your circuit. Also, Grades 3-5 should look research an athlete you would want to learn more about and learn about what him and what made him a great athlete.  Grades k-2 log into go noodle or brain pop.com and complete 1 activity.

Mon, Mar. 23rd,  Grades k-5 circuit training; 30 seconds at each station:  do these exercises: 1. jumping jacks 2. frog jumps 3. push ups 4. sit ups 5. arm circles 6. jumping off 1 foot 7. jumping off the opposite foot. 8. jogging in place.  after completing the 8 exercises take a 2 minute break and repeat the circuit a 2nd time.  After that you are finished.  Stay Inspired!!  Lessons should be available in remote learning.  If you cannot find them, they will always be lessons here.

Friday, March 20th-  grades 4 and 5. I want you to research coronavirus and make sure you are staying safe. Continue your daily routine (log and exercise) and go to websites listed below.

Thurs, March 19th- Continue on with your logs  and physical activity each day.  A new assignment will be coming out tomorrow or Monday.

Weds, March 18th- Continue exercising and logging activity.  Another link will be coming later today.  Stay tuned.  Here it is-- go to http:\\www.BrainPop.com .  The user name is Boilermakers and the password is sixers6.  Click on health and SEL and scroll to the bottom for Sports and Fitness.  Watch one of the videos each day and take the quiz at the end.  Enjoy, stay safe!

Tuesday, March 17th-  Continue your daily exercise.  www.gonoodle.com has some fun interactive activities you can enjoy.  Grades 3-5 continue with your log.

Make sure you are exercising daily.  10 push ups,   10 sit ups, 50  jumping jacks,  10 frog jumps, 30 seconds for planks and a 20 minute walk or 10 minute jog if possible.  Exercising everyday will keep you healthy and feeling good.

All students grades 3-5 should keep a daily log of their physical activity.  An example would be any jogging, walking, tag activity, exercises, basketball, soccer practice, etc.