The Garfield Neighbor Network
The Garfield Neighbor Network is a grassroots collective of local residents coming together in the time of need for our neighbors.  Here are ways that the Garfield Neighbor Network can assist:
1) Basic essentials can be requested/donated (i.e., food, water, etc.).
2) Services can be exchanged (i.e., legal aid, home repairs, educational services, etc.).
3) Runs to grocery store/pharmacy can be requested/completed.
4) Resource listings for non-profit organizations and community-based organizations.
5) Job postings/employment resources.
Please fill out the below form to request aid. If you are interested in volunteering, please do fill out the below forms, as we need more volunteers to help serve all those that request aid. 
Garfield Neighbor Network Facebook Group:
To request aid, please fill out this Google Form:
To volunteer, please out this Google Form:
If you need any assistance with the forms, please email
The Garfield Neighbor Network 
By our Neighbors. For our Neighbors.